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why daisy health

First of its kind virtual health marketplace and employee health experience in one integrated platform that supports the modern workforce.

for brokers

Offer your clients a unique integrated set of services to improve employee health outcomes. Leverage our flexible fractional model to support any client needs. Leave the administration and utilization of the services to us.

  • Automation for employee eligibility tracking

  • Self service product onboarding

  • Integrated billing & procurement

for employers

Deliver on the demands of today’s modern workforce with services that meet employees where they are. Improving health outcomes and reducing costs over time is a win-win.

  • Integrated billing & procurement

  • Data-driven insights

  • Modern services to support full time or flex employees

for employees

A unique suite of virtual services to care for employees and their families. With the movement to virtual / hybrid work arrangements leverage the convenience of these services from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be.

  • Digital services for today’s virtual environment

  • Seamless experience for onboarding & engagement

  • Dependents are fully covered

for providers

A digital marketplace that automates onboarding, eligibility integration, and payments in one integrated platform. Opportunity to reach tens of thousands of employers and millions of members to improve health outcomes.

  • Automation for employee eligibility tracking

  • A marketplace with significant reach

  • API driven service activation

How it works


the recommended set of services to meet the needs of the employees.


the platform securely to your HR systems for eligibility and service activation.


onto the services through a seamless integrated experience.


the services and get started on a healthier journey today!

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Procure your services today
and start the journey of improving the health
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Unique benefits

Self Service Marketplace

Rich product catalog to flexibly craft the right benefit plan designed to meet the needs of the modern workforce. No more yearly open enrollments, our fractional marketplace allows for onboard / offboard of services anytime.

Integrated Service Suite

A unique integrated suite of virtual care offerings to support the employee care continuum. Coupled with an experience that meets the employee where they are in today’s hybrid workplace.

Data Driven Insights

Platform based insights on utilization, engagement, costs, and employee health outcomes provide guidance into the success of the program.

Automated Back Office

Platform enables a seamless subscription billing and procurement experience across all service providers. API led integration with HRIS and downstream providers for real-time eligibility and activation.

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